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第31回 言葉のないクラシックバレエ [English below]

[English below]

NPO法人石鎚森の学校 理事・事務局長 リチャードさんこと、石鎚神社祢宜 曽我部英司さんからバトンを受け取りました、バレエダンサーの久寿奏恵です。リチャードさん、いつも発見と気づきの記事をありがとうございます!

















みなさまどうか身体ご自愛ください。 リレーエッセイ次回は8月30日、衣装デザイナーの鳥山美春さん、どうぞよろしくお願い致します。

令和3年8月23日 久寿奏恵

Message of the Week

Hi! I'm Kanae Kusu, a ballet dancer. Just like Richard-san told us some interesting untold facts about Shinto shrines, I'd like to talk some behind-the-scene stories about ballet!

Please have a look at the picture above: this is the one taken at the dress rehearsal of the ballet recital that I joined as a guest: I danced the role of Esmeralda from La Esmeralda.

Well, let me ask you a question here!

Have you ever seen classical ballet at theatres?

For those who have, it is a kind of well-known fact, but let me remind you that we do not have "words" in classical ballet. To be more precise, we do not communicate anything via "spoken words" in ballet.

I think we have two kinds of scripts in classical ballet. One is the fixed script, that is, story. And the other is choreography, including dance and mime, which is composed by choreographers. In classical ballet, we express various emotions through our whole-body movements by dancing accurately to the very carefully designed choreography. The music played by orchestra also plays a very important role in creating emotional aspects of the story, which is always a great help for dancers. Despite the fact that we have very fixed stories, it is quite rare as the way to perform on the stage that we express everything ONLY by body movements without using any verbal expressions, isn't it? And I think this is one of the most attractive aspects of classical ballet and it motivated me, in my teens, to study dance abroad and join the ballet company there as a professional dancer. The pandemic has made theatre-going very difficult, but if you have any chance, I wish you will enjoy classical ballet to the fullest at theatres.

If you are one of those readers who kindly subscribe and enjoy this Members' Blog, you may have enjoyed Live Streaming of our "DAWNING." last December. Thank you very much for viewing. And as you have noticed, our performance was composed of various "words": I danced to Richard-san's Norito Shinto prayer, Kazunari-san's Shinobue Japanese bamboo flute, Japanese drums and piano, which gave me some precious opportunities to design choreography along with "words". It was a very fresh experience for me to face with the space where words and dance co-exist and to consider how to conform these two.

Classical ballet and Contemporary ballet. Each has its own charm. By fully appreciating these charms, I would like to make the most of the self-quarantine periods to reflect upon myself, energize and train my mind and body holistically. Dear readers, please take good care of yourselves!

-- Kanae Kusu (23, August 2021)

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