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第24回 輪廻 [English below]

[English below] (最近、手塚治虫さんの「ブッダ」を一気に読み終えた阿部龍太による投稿です)












The Message of the Week

Here's the message from Ryuta Abe, who has just finished reading Buddha by Osamu Tezuka in one sitting;

The sound of the Gion Shōja bells echoes the impermanence of all things;

the color of the śāla flowers reveals the truth that the prosperous must decline.

The proud do not endure, they are like a dream on a spring night;

the mighty fall at last, they are as dust before the wind.

cited from Chapter 1 Gion Shōja from The Tale of Heike translated by Helen Craig McCullough

Here's the message from Miharu, Ryuta's mother;

When I asked Ryuta why he chose this phrase as the Message of the Week of our Members' Blog, he simply said "Well, it just came up to my mind", but he had checked the original phrase in The Tale of Heike and its modern translation before he submitted the text to our Blog.

Children’s inspiration and their words are treasures of the world. Listening to their purest words might show us the way to World Peace.

In the Trailer of "Dawning.", Ryuta says "We have our God high above and each of us has a small god inside."

-- Ryuta Abe (5, June 2021)

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