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第10回 ちきゅうとうちゅう [English below]

[English below]

由香からバトンを受け取った阿部龍太です。(ママの同級生なので僕も由香と呼んでます。^ ^)今は、水泳とボウイスカウトに行き、家ではマインクラフトと歌、家族で人生ゲームをするのが好きです。 ここからはママに書いてもらいます!

変わりました^ ^↓






SDGs「アートで世界を平和にしよう!」で子供たちからの絵の募集があり、私が伝えたのが締め切り前夜(汗)、どうしても描いて欲しい!!と言うと、仕方がないな、、、意味を教えて!との龍太の言葉に、少しの間 世界が平和になることについての話やイメージを話し合いました。











次は、「あ(明)ける。」に関わる全ての英訳(トレイラー映像、ウェブサイト、オンライン配信公演、そしてこのリレーエッセイのMessage of the Week!)を担当してくださっている今泉志奈子さんにバトンを渡します!!

Message of the Week

Hi! I'm Ryuta Abe. I love swimming and I'm an active member of the Boy Scouts. At home, I love playing Minecraft, singing and also playing the Game of Life, my favorite board game, with my family. I asked my mom, Miharu, to write a bit about my story. Wish you will enjoy it!

= = = = =

When Ryuta was a three month old baby, Kazunari, Ryuta, and I visited Belguim to join the project "Puz/zle", EASTMAN creation choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, and we stayed there for six months together with dancers, singers, musicians and crew from around the world until we celebrated the premiere at Festival d'Avignon, France. During these six months, Ryuta was cherished and nurtured by the people from various countries and Ryuta played a very important role as a special "supporter" of the company. It was the very beginning of his journey of life going back and forth between Japan and European countries. Since he got back to Japan at the age of 8 months, he started to draw numerous pictures every day. He painted the whole floor of our flat and drew the pictures of dinosaurs day after day. The first picture attached to this essay is "The Eiffel Tower at night" that he painted at the age of 4. And please check the second and the third pictures that Ryuta painted when he was a second grade pupil of the primary school. It is the picture of World Peace, titled "Earth and Space". He wrote as follows:

"Earth and Space"

Due to huge Tsunami, Earth and Space melted into each other.

But, little by little, as human beings get closer to each other,

Space will get back to its original place.

And the whole world will be surrounded by Peace.

Since then, Ryuta painted some more pictures of Tsunami. Ryuta was born in 2011, the year of Great East Japan Earthquake.

---Ryuta Abe (5, April 2021)

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