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Kazunari Abe (traditional Japanese bamboo flute Shinobue player, traditional Japanese drum Wadaiko player)

Kazunari is a Shinobue player, who has performed in 32 countries around the world. Having joined and been working as a member of the taiko performing arts ensemble “Kodo” for 14 years, Kazunari got back to Niihama City, Ehime, where he was born, in 2010. As a solo artist, he performs in collaboration with a wide range of artists both in Japan and abroad, such as concerts at planetarium, dedication of performances at the shrines or temples, as well as the joint productions with contemporary dance, Ningyo Joruri (traditional Japanese puppet theatre) and contemporary circus and so on. Kazunari released his first album “The Echo of Dragon Singing” in 2014 and his second album “Distant Winds” in 2019.


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