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This is our stage performance, where our prayer is made visible

through Norito (Shinto ritual prayers) chanted by Shinto priest, 

​Ballet in Western Culture, and the traditional Japanese musical instruments, Shinobue (bamboo flute) and Taiko (drum)--they all merge together and resonate with one another.


The Story 

Encounter of the beautiful princess named Amaterasu “shining in heaven”

and the mirror artisan who keeps on polishing the mirror.

They are watched over and guided by the voice of Divine Spirit:

To thee, I call Okami Amaterasu

At last the time has come

Come back to heaven and

Fulfill thy role

The most important role

To be done fully by thee



  Cast =

Amaterasu   Kanae Kusu (Ballet dancer)

Mirror Artisan  Kazunari Abe (Shinobue, Japanese bamboo flute player)

Storyteller / Divine Spirit   Hideshi Sogabe (“Negi” Senior Priest of Ishizuchi Shrine)



Original Story / Costume / Director  Miharu Toriyama

Story / Music / Trailer Editor  Kazunari Abe

“Norito” Shinto Prayer  Hideshi Sogabe

Choreographer  Kanae Kusu

“Aizome” Indigo dyeing  Hiroshi Hayashi

Fragrance effects  Yoko Tsukamoto

The Theatre Mask  Harumi Hoshika

Hairstylist / Kimono dressing  Yuka Ozeki

Makeup artist  Kayomi Takenaka

Supervisor  Ryuta Abe

English subtitles / English translation of website  Shinako Imaizumi 

Website designer  Hako Kokubo 



Special Thanks to Ishizuchi Shrine

NPO Ishizuchi Mori-no-Gakko (“School of the Woods”)



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