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Hiroshi Hayashi (Indigo Dyeing Studio RUWACH)

At the age of 18, Hiroshi encountered the late Sueo Tsuda, a painter and a Religious Brother of the Catholic Church, which was an enlightening experience for him. Got back home and started Indigo dyeing in 1990, Hiroshi got the order from the Missionary O.M.I. of the Vatican City and made a tapestry on request in 2000.

“Aizome” Indigo dyeing

Since 2006, he worked as the vice-President and President of the Society of Indigo Dyeing of Tokushima Prefecture.

In 2015, he exhibited his works at Japan Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015.

In 2017, he took part in the event “Japan Blue” (Japan Blue no Tsudoi) at Shimizu Toki Kimono Academy

in Shibuya as a scenic designer.  It was also in 2017 when he participated in Paris Fashion Week with his 

​Indigo dyed costumes.

In 2019, to enhance economic revitalization of the disaster affected area in Northern Japan, Hiroshi contributed to branding of “Minamisoma Indigo” (Minamisoma Ai) in Minamisoma City, Fukushima. He also worked as a general manager of the brand called “Kami-no sora Ai” at the site certified as GIAHS (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems) by FAO of the United Nations.       

In 2020, Hiroshi says he has had a lot of enlightening experiences at the shrine on the top of Mount Ishizuchi.

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