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Harumi Hoshika (Handmade Studio Poppo Jiiji)

While his late father was working as a master carpenter, Harumi worked as a businessman instead of taking over his family’s business. After retirement, however, Harumi came to enjoy woodworking as if the inner voice had led him to become a carpenter after all (actually, Harumi says it’s due to DNA passed on to him from his late father). Harumi is truly grateful for the opportunity to make the Theatre Mask for “DAWNING” project. “Though I belong to so-called the “young-old” generation, I'm always brimming with

curiosity”, says Harumi, who is into woodworks, carpentry, wood carving, watercolor, oven-baked clay projects, and so on. “What motivates me is my enthusiasm for truth. I will keep on working in search of the truth and to create something genuine.”

The Theatre Mask
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