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Hairstylist / Kimono dressing

Yuka Ozeki (Beauty Salon Tiara)

After high school, Yuka studied at two-year technical college in Osaka and got a cosmetology license. While studying hairstyling and Kimono dressing in Osaka, she pursued a career participating in a lot of contests: she won the Tomesode (i.e., formal black Kimono for married women)-dressing competition, and also won third place at Furisode (i.e., long-sleeved Kimono for young ladies)-dressing and Hairstyling competitions. Back to Ehime, she opened Beauty Salon Tiara to offer Total Beauty. The year 2004 was the special one for Yuka with her first encounter with Henna Hair Dye, which she found was the way to solve the problems of damaged color-treated hair. Since then, she has been studying how to use Henna to restore the natural beauty of her customers’ hair and now Henna is used for 99 percent of hair coloring at her salon. “Now we are living in so-called the 100-year life, so I wish to keep on suggesting to women that they all have the Power of Beauty”, says Yuka wishing to create cozy spaces to keep you beautiful for ever and ever.

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