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Fragrance effects

Yoko Tsukamoto (natural garden makahou)

Captivated by the endless possibilities of fragrance, Yoko established Sports Aromatherapy Salon and Aromatherapy School “makahou” in Ehime and is actively working as an aromatherapist. Having been working as a therapist in Japan and abroad since 2001, she undertakes treatments and creates blends of oils to improve your exercise performance and to help you move your body the way you wish to. In the aim of contributing to societies, Yoko engages in activities to support athletes’ body maintenance at the National Athletic Meet, as well as gives lectures at the events organized by schools or companies. She is also working as a radio presenter hosting a radio show “Yoko's Happy Wednesday” (Yoko no suteki-na Suiyobi) at the radio station Yume no Tane (meaning “Seeds of Dreams” in Japanese) wishing to help people realize their dreams.

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