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Your comments are always very welcome!
Your comments, suggestions or questions about our project “DAWNING” are always very welcome!

Performance Requests
Our project “DAWNING” can be performed at your local theatres and halls as well as at various sites such as school gymnasiums, small event venues or precincts of temples/shrines, etc. Please feel free to contact us for further details including stage and event layout or fees.

​Contact Us

Thank you.


篠笛スタジオ(代表 阿部一成)

​  (​representative)
​   (producer)
​ (アートデレクター)小久保 葉子
​ (翻訳家)今泉 志奈子
​ (協賛)アトリエ藁(大森 知子)
​ (協力)株式会社MindUp(まえ ふみ)
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