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Your comments, suggestions or questions about our project “DAWNING” are always very welcome!

Performance Requests
Our project “DAWNING” can be performed at your local theatres and halls as well as at various sites such as school gymnasiums, small event venues or precincts of temples/shrines, etc. Please feel free to contact us for further details including stage and event layout or fees.

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About Hitotsukirou
To promote our “DAWNING” project, we have formed the production team made up of the following members: Kazunari Abe (representative), Kayomi Takenaka (producer) and Miharu Toriyama (creative director).
Our team is named Hitotsukirou: the phrase Hitotsuki means “the sun (hi) and (to) the moon (tsuki)” in Japanese, which is the theme of our project. Hitotsuki, when used as a word, means “being filled to the brim with something”, as you see in the poem by Otomo no Tabito in Man'yōshū:

shirushi naki

mono wo omowazu wa

hitotsuki no
nigoreru sake wo

nomubeku arurashi

The poem says that it would seem better to have a cup filled with unrefined sake than to fill your mind with worry that you can’t control. With this poem in our mind, we have named our team Hitotsukirou.

​   (producer)
​     (creative director)
​  (​representative)
Kazunari Abe
​Kayomi Takenaka
​Miharu Toriyama